Party Wall Resources 

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 itself, online. “have been running specialist courses in the interpretation and application of the Party Wall etc. Act since 2009”. This is a party wall website run by Peter Worman, providing links to recent articles, and details of training courses.


The Party Wall etc. Blog is a repository for cases, articles and other useful stuff relating to the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 run by Matthew Hearsum, a solicitor based in London specialising in property related litigation, including Party Wall disputes.”


“The P&T seeks to advance knowledge of party wall legislation and procedure and to promote best professional practice in its application.” – The Pyramus and Thisbe clubconsists primarily of party wall surveyors (and other professional operating in the party walls arena). Owners may find the “find a surveyor” function useful, if looking for a suitably experienced/qualified party wall surveyor local to them.


The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors was born out of a need for education and support for building surveyors and other professionals, but also to enhance awareness and provide advice and guidance to the general public.” – another organisation, like the P&T, which aims to improve the professionalism and knowledge of party wall professionals.


Boundary Resources


Ordnance survey’s property boundaries FAQ page – on property boundaries which answers some basic, but common questions on boundaries.


Land Registry Practice Guide 40, supplement 1 – Land Registry’s very useful practice guide on the role, and limitations, of ordnance survey mapping in the context of the Land Registry.


Land Registration Act 2002 – the current legislation dealing with registration of land/property in England and Wales. Of most relevance to boundaries is section 60, which is the basis of the “general boundaries rule”.

Boundary disputes protocol – An extremely sensible protocol intended to be used by parties to a boundary dispute to seek to resolve their dispute without the need to go to court. This is effectively a practical guide to avoiding expensive litigation, and is a must-read for any prospective boundary dispute litigant.

Boundary-Problems – website maintained by surveyor, Jon Maynard, and providing a wide range of articles and resources on boundary matters.

If you think there are other useful links which I ought to include on this page, please let me know.