The New Party Wall Casebook




“Essential reference book for all involved in party wall matters”

“All serious Surveyors and Lawyers practitioners need access to a copy of this book”


The New Party Wall casebook provides a rich fund of essential reference material for party wall surveyors, architects, engineers and lawyers who deal professionally with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. It contains case summaries of 65 party wall cases – covering authoritative cases under the current Act, and a selection of County Court decisions under the current Act which illustrate its application in practice. The case summaries set out the facts and decision in each case, highlighting the key points and significance of each decision together with expert commentary. As well as a copy of the Party Wall etc. Act cross-referenced to those cases, the book also contains relevant extracts from the historic London Building Acts, together with a table cross-referencing those extracts with the modern equivalent.


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